[First Scene] Breakfast for Two..Alone

First scene I’ve decided to put on facepunch to introduce myself. It is my third or so scene total.

I would really appreciate any feedback from the more experienced thank you!

Updated with poster image, different light, and my try at super dof although im sure its shoddy at best.

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Welcome to Facepunch :slight_smile:

First, I like the way you placed the props and set the camera angle, very symmetric. Well positioned food display and furniture here. Here’s a problem I noticed. When you make a pic, make sure there’s not a lot of strong brightness at any of the borders except if it’s the sky. So in your case, you can see how the right wall lights up strongly from the lamp you put from the left. An easy way to fix it is to either lower the lamp so it doesn’t shine on the wall or reduce the lamp’s distance so it nicely lights up the middle display

Second, I’d turn anti aliasing on when you take the picture, it removes some of the jaggies.

I also recommend using super dof, it would’ve worked much better in this pic Under the Q menu where you selected blur under effects, select super dof, focus, and click render, it’ll look much prettier once you realize how to use it.

Good composition overall. I would also next time move the light on top slightly closer to the camera so that some of the shadows light up more, but that’s just minor stuff for now.

What he said ^

Good job putting lamps into use. You should also consider taking your pictures in bigger sizes. You can type in console ‘poster 1’ and it will save a screenshot to Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\screenshots

Welcome aboard

Yea, just don’t use poster 1. Use poster 2 or poster 3 and then resize it lower.

important note, you cannot use super DOF and the poster command in conjunction, so pick one or the other.

Thank you guys for the feedback it is appreciated. I’m glad a couple of you like the parts you do. I’ll turn anti aliasing on and use the poster command and repost the picture so I can get a better idea of what you guys are saying. But just a question for crazy knife, would the sun not hit the right side wall if it was shining thru the window on the left? I’ll have to start practicing super dof as well if you think it would work better