First scenebuild, "Discovered in the Forest"

It’s been awhile since I last posted here… but here’s my first actual scenebuild, made on gm_flatgrass.

Unedited so feel free to have a try at it. Tell me if you want any parts of it removed, such as the foreground grass.

Criticism is welcome.

looks cool, as a scenebuild
posing is stiff and prop placement looks a bit random
sky would make it better

Looks kinda like he’s trying to swim…
But I like the scene build, gives me a “scavenger” feeling.

I was trying to make it look as if he was turning around quickly from what he was doing. Also yeah, you’re right about the scavenger thing. Attempted to give the impression that he was hiding in the woods.

Thanks both.

Looks pretty good and original, all though try not to use those ep. 2 fresh pine trees, the dead ones are fine.
This would look awesome with an epic edit, I can picture it in my head.

Because the fresh ones’ branches look bad? Just want to know for next time.

Yeah, it just really doesn’t look right.