First screen: MARSOC and US Army secure makarov

please dont be brutal on me
tell me how to improve


These are not MARSOC.
These are not Marines.
These ARE Rangers.


On the pic: Increase your resolution man. Everything else looks okay

thanks man!

But who was teh pilot?

Anyways… maybe editing it up in photoshop would make it better, putting up your graphics. I see some minor clipping issues on the guy who is pointing the gun at the guy on the ground. Maybe put somebody else in the helicopter, as it looks empty…

All of your advice is appreciated


just let me live in my own little world k? jeezus man

also use this:

Your own little world is kinda fucked up if guys in ARMY Combat Uniforms are marines, and some random people in black uniforms are standard US Army.


Also use IMG tags, they save us all

people are blind

sorry for nerdrage of fail there
also, what are these img tags you speak of?

[ img]BLAH[ /img]
Without the spaces


It looks decent. Could use some editing and higher quality textures, but the posing looks pretty good.

Makarov looks kinda dead.

give makarov model

There. Image tagged. Pretty good for a first. If ya still don’t get it hit Reply over in the corner and look at the URL and the bars around it.

Not bad, but the posing could use some work. make sure you turn everything up on high before you take a screenshot.
Really good for a first though.

boring posing, not great but not bad. graphics are pretty low
you should try to be more accurate with your models

Well, we can treat the Shadow Company models as MARSOC operators, which would be okay.

I kind of want to see Makarov getting his beating by Russian MVD troops. XD

Actually, those Shadow Company guys are MARSOC. If you look the shoulder, you’ll see an insignia which has a picture of spades on it and the MARSOC insignia also has that on.

Always turn anti-aliasing on, bump up your screen resolution (if you can.), and the helicopter’s rotor blades need motion blur.

Good posing for a first, I like it.

Fingerposer. Use it always.