First screenies/Poses.

Some pictures of a CS rag storming an apartment with a couple drug dealers. Just started playing a few days ago. Criticism appreciated :smiley:

And by the way what is a better substitue for a barrel flash then lightbulb? Managed to use it to a decent effect but that rope is ridiculous.

Edit: And is there a command to get rid of health bar ect… Just noticed the tool text on the other tow aswell.

Why didn’t you use Camera to take the pics?

I did, I just accidentily had the tool selected before I went to camera, still the health would have been there.

How do I remove the hud for a shot?

Posing isn’t horrible, but why didn’t you use the camera?


The camera is used like a weapon, you open it and click to take pictures.

OH! That camera. I was using the camera under the tools section :smiley: wow, I feel dumb even though it’s 5 am here… Thank you lol

Usually it’s a rule not to post your first poses, but these are actually fairly decent.

For beginners and muzzleflashes, I suggest downloading

and using the emitter tool to create a muzzleflash in front of the gun, and capture several pictures and pick the best one.

The weapon cam (so to speak) is best for screenshoots. But you can also type in the console.

cl_drawhud 0 (To remove all hud info)
cl_drawhud 1 (To get it back)

Useful for movie shoots.