First Screenshot Posted on Facepunch

Fuck it I need to practise my BB Code

I use


homie, not attach.




. :slight_smile:
Looked at it through the URL, pretty good for a first but nothing amazing.


This is the image, thumbed for your viewing pleasure.

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OP, right click the picture on image shack and select to open in new tab or window.

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That’s the URL for [IMG] tags.

Damnit, that’s what I was doing wrong! Thank you!

2 things first.

Dont use the sharpen filter, and try to max your graphics.


Also, try to use the Fingerposing tool to give your characters a better grip of whatever they are handling, in this case, the gun. It isnt a difficult tool to use, just play around with it till you feel it looks nice.

You’re welcome. As for the picture try turning up AA.

The layout of the picture has potential, it’s just the graphic settings that don’t do it justice.


Off to a pretty decent start, I must say. Good job, mate.

UPDATED: No more sharpen, graphics are maxed. Although, my graphics card DOESN’T support Antialiasing.


Like they said it’s a good start. Don’t bother with the in-game effects though.

Hahah what? It’s not 2007 any more, sorry.

Keep using in-game effects. Don’t touch Photoshop until you’re better at posing and composition.

Yeah just not sharpen, there are like three people on Earth who can use that without the result being eye-rapingly horrible

I’ve been using Photoshop for years. I’m actually okay at it.

Are you looking at this?

Just to clarify i’m not advocating that he should use Photoshop or something instead, I’m just saying the garry’s mod stock effects are fucking atrocious.

Actually some of them can be useful when used right

(that obviously isn’t one of those, nor has it been used right)