First serious screenshot

Any suggestions on how I could improve? “Constructive” criticism is appreciated.

The background is very empty, and the glare from the sun is obscuring his face.

Gotcha. How could I fill up the background a bit to give it a natural feel?

Don’t fill up the background. Get a better camera angle - zoom in, utilise the rule of thirds etc etc.

Will do.


I will add the new photo to this comment once I’ve tried again.

Fixed the blur. PS the sun beside his face is my attempt at creating a slight mysterious feeling to the man. Not sure if this worked at all.

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Also here is something I did on the side.

Good colours :smiley:

What happened to the water tower

Don’t allow any fisheye into your pictures, let alone use it. It’s not a good look.

Also, thanks for reminding me I need to start stitching again if I want to do well-detailed pictures without losing the background. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that yet.

Good question, the water tower’s frame pieces were too close together and got all warped when i used a post processor

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Uh yeah, thanks. I don’t think I used fish eye but thanks for the advice. And you’re welcome, somehow. lol

Zooming out causes fisheye, zooming in gets rid of it. It’s to do with how games handle field of view, since they’re on a flat screen at least a foot from your face (and therefore unable to simulate peripheral vision).

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Oh, hang on. I see what’s happening here.

I thought you’d zoomed right out to cause that extreme skew in the tower pic, but apparently not. Disregard.