First server to hit 128 players limit!

Yay! I just wanted to say that Sassilization Deathrun was first server to hit the 128 players limit at around 23:00 GMT, 2009 July 28!

Stop messing with the Timestream.

I was there.

That picture was taken milliseconds before the server died a fiery death.

its still online


Cool story bro.

:open_mouth: i know fallen angel from the chat on the picture :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice net_graph dude.

The one big downfall of this: It’s completely useless until reliable snapshot overflow is fixed.

Was on there when it happened, i’m compiling a video now and I will post it here when its done.

P.S. net_graph 2 will be INTACT to show the server stress.

Additional note : No reliable “snaphsot” overflows occurred. only buffer overflows.


troll alert
stole my post >_<
anyways… why does there need to be a limit? im gonna haxor it and make the limit 1000 :wink:

Cool story bro. Last time I saw, you didn’t know lua, never mind C++. Good luck doing it.


Done. Have fun.

Edit : wait a short, its taking them longer then expected to process the video.

Final edit : its live!

it was a joke man calm down


bull shit first, i saw the update and literally within seconds had my server updated to 128 players.

But did you fill it? It is first because it was filled first. It was filled only 20 minutes after the update.

Pirate ship wars would be awesome with 60 players on each team. Although you would need bigger ships

And a superserver to handle it…

I picked the wrong time to stop visiting deathrun :stuck_out_tongue:

M-M-M-Monster Laaaag …