First skin: Aperture Science Person

Since i love Portal so much, i made a portal skin for a citizen.

Sorry if this looks dumb, its my first one.

That looks great.

It doesn’t look that great, but it’s nice for a first skin. Most people’s first skins are rubbish.

It is okay for a first, but all I see is a hue/sat change and some aperture logos pasted on.

What UltraPonch said + there’s already been like 5 of these made so not all that original.
Not bad for a first though, at least you didn’t use paint and have matte colors.

Its good for a first skin. Be proud. But this has been done already a few times. <.<

it is pretty good for a first. My first was absolute shit.

To be honest, it is just a simple recolour with an oversized logo pasted on the sleeve.
It’s good to see new people starting out and I hope to see your future work.

Pretty good, though I dont get what thoose labels are on his arms for.

I remember my first skin…

on that note where do you find the standard blue overall clothes fileS?

looks to good to be true… are you sir a lie?