First skits

Just a small compilation of my first scenes for Gmod.





Down(background in Prey)


Final stand

Tell me what you think on my first attempts!

Keep in mind, I am quite new and would like some constructive criticism on what I should do to improve
my work next time. Anything from tips on lighting to which rebel to put in a skit. Everything helps.

Sonny D.

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Also thank Larry’s ULW for the guns in Prey, Get Down, And the deagle in Final Stand. Awesome models for posing!

They’re not terrible by all means for first screenshots.
You just need to work on your posing, that’s the first thing.

Also don’t sign your posts here.

turn up the settings


Make sure you have anti-aliasing enabled in some way above all else. Nothing kills the mood like jagged edges :v:

Also, try to be more careful with your how you’re saving your pictures, they look like they’ve been compressed multiple times with low settings (see this thread of mine).