First Tank

It’s not often i create threads in here, but ive finally got my head around tank building, now this is a little buggy as its my first EVER tank that works.

I used this E2 for the turret:


And heres a video, sorry for fps and ive only got the free version of fraps so excuse the random jumps…

your gun is upside down.

Have fun getting a 100mm AP round through your chest.

the video doesnt need music, the tank makes music while it moves :v:


That’s uh… a very nice tank you have there…

Yes i know the guns upside down, and yes the tank makes shit loads of noise, and yes the armors crap… but its my first attempt at building a tank, i knwo what mistakes i made and how to correct them. I just posted this cause it’s my first

Oh shit forgot about the seat… oh well, i meant to change that…

put the seat inside the chasis, but with enough space to see and enter it.

For a first attempt it ain’t bad at all. Seat seems a tiny exposed there, but it has a cool look.

If I may ask, what’s making all those collisions?

I thin it’s because i didnt no-collide everything before i parented… so its all the collision models getiing stuck i nthe non-parented props… I don’t know :confused:

For next time, it’s best to nocollide everything (or nearly everything) before you parent. Also parent to a wire chip welded to the base prop, and put all your wire junk on said base prop, not the ammo crate, as you can parent the crates as well.

Okie dokie :slight_smile: Thanks, im already working on something, something BIG

So far you can walk around inside it :smiley:

i tried your e2 but i can’t get it to work

Here, RedReaper messaged me a better one. Whatta guy :stuck_out_tongue:

more suicide thoughts sorry i just start playing gmod again :suicide:
i add you on steam wickermen

Dont be frightened by E2, if you understand ANYTHING about inputs and outputs, this doesn’t just mean gmod, then its pretty easy to get E2’s to work even if you don’t understand them at all.

I’l guide you through it on steam chat :slight_smile:


I have been thinking that this has gone too serious. Nice that you made tank that aint so good but if you think its awesome i respect you man. I loved the times when anybody could post any kind of shitty thing and still there were people who tought it was cool and better builders gave some good advice how to make better things next time. Nowdays if i would post some car thing that looks like shit and aint so good i would probably get banned. Why? Why is this so serious guys? And i dont know shit about wire even i was there when came out first time. I dont need wire exept hydraulics and some other useful stuff. And about that “lol that aint realistic”. Well is gmod realistic? Thrusters that give power without using any fuel or anything. Damn good old times! I hope that ep3 will bring some new players to gmod. And bring those not so serious times back.

Man I hear you, that’d be a nice ideal. It would promote people not only to get better, but for others to help them take the right path towards developing their creational skills and such.

I kind of agree with you, though my experience with gmod is that the more realistic I can make it, the more I feel like I have achieved something. We have all been beginners once, and I’m not saying I’m any better than anybody else, but what’s wrong about giving advice if something can be done better/ made to create less lag/ look nicer?
I also hope Ep3 comes around with a nice change, and I’m hoping it could possibly improve on the physics of gmod.

Nice to see you’re better than me at making tanks, I’ve only made two and I don’t even feel like they deserve to be in the WIP thread because of the badness… I’m bad at E2 applyangforce/applytorque/applyforce som my turret always ends up rather weak and spazzes all over the place…