First Thread (But not a good topic)

Hey guys, I’m new around here!
I was wondering how to upload my rust shirt to the workshop to get noticed, but I seem to not be able to find any tutorials, guides, etc.
If you could explain to me how it works, that would be great!

Thanks in Advance, TeoTheToaster

Hey Teo,

I came here to tell you that you could get more positive replies if you would get a little more specific in your thread title, something like: “Help me! how to upload to the workshop?”
If you keep using: “First Thread (But not a good topic)” as a thread title many people will skip reading it because you admit it yourself: The topic is “not good”.

But I think there should be tutorials out there to tell you how to upload it…did you try googling?

I did, it just keeps coming with it for Gmod…

You don’t need search to find this thread about 10 down from the New Thread button.

Maybe the first link on this thread?

Also, I agree with FowsT, be more specific with your titles, people get banned for cliffhanger titles