First Time Flying

As soon as I heard this song I wanted to make a fantasy picture involving flying with/on dragons.

In this picture she is with her friend (experienced flyer) and she is flying for the first time, high above the clouds… A beautiful perspective she has never had of the world before flashes through her eyes.

Full resolution image.

That is Gmod? :pwn: very nice.

Anyways I thought it would involve airplanes. :v:

Winner rating. Well deserved.

Outstanding work, badass picture involving badass dragons.

'Nuff said.

Hate to sound corny, but something about this picture and the music just feels… Liberating.

Have a winner.

Thanks. I wanted to show that feeling. :smile: Feeling of being free to fly anywhere, high and low.

Just. . . Amazing. Ooga, you have earned a desktop backround user. :smiley:

don’t get why you’d post a picture this big

kinda cool though

Now that’s a huge picture. Quote for convenience?

But that’s sweet.

Alright I’ve added a smaller (1080p) version and a link to the original resolution. :smile:

Imo, this small version is better, but either way, great pic!
Liking the lighting in this one.