First time GIMP edit

tell me what you think of this photo I took in garry’s mod and tell me what I need to work on

I think I have a new desktop, thanks man!



wait did i upload correctly? because these replies are great and thanks

I’ve replaced my lame Joazzz desktop background with this masterpiece. Thank you for the opportunity.

Sorry buddy, but you have to upload the file to a site first.

Such a masterpiece.


but wait I still need to know if you guys can see the image

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here you go now tell me if its good or suck or needs work

So many new people make this mistake, and it makes me laugh every time.
Sorry, I sound mean. Anyway visit this nice website: upload it there and then post the link inbetween the img tags.


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alright i put a new link tell me what you think

Explain to me what you edited and maybe I’ll give you some criticism.

alright original edit

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ALWAYS isolate before you shade/brighten.
It helps to avoid the overshade where you have a brighter/darker color hanging in the air.

This guy has it right. Visit stickied thread for help on tutorials ( I say that to much). I didn’t see a huge significant change but the editing was okay. The posing could use some work, and instead of bluring in gimp, just use SDOF in game… :slight_smile:

the only reason why i dont use the SDoF is that my graphics card sucks ass so i shade in gimp instead

Use [img] tags and what exactly did you edit?

Thats pretty good :smiley:

damn it you should have looked in the double links

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well if you guys think its good then ok

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damn it didnt