First Time GMod User: Looking for help regarding Demo and Medic ragdolls

Hello there,

I am a fairly nab Gmod user, literally installed It again today for a YouTube project I’m working on, before I only used to play gamemodes not actual posing etc. Also made a FP account and account as I can see myself having a lot of fun with this gem.

Anyway to the point. I am trying to look for a Demoman and a Medic ragdoll neither of which have the Eyepatch or Glasses on, If that makes any sense.

I used the forum search feature just now and I got this back for a Medic glasses search

I this what I need to remove the glasses, ?

I did a search for the Demoman and I didn’t get any results back.

I appreciate any help.

Take care,

I believe you can use the bodygroup tool for the medic.

As for the demoman, you would have to go through a shitload of tutorials do get the model working, unless someone else will do it for you or someone has made a skin.

Thanks that’s alot of help.

I was wondering If there Is also a way of painting the hats similar to TF2?

You mean like changing their color with the paint item? No nothing like that exists yet, the only crappy way to do it now is use the color tool.

Okay thanks again : )

I have downloaded these (2 Eyed Demo) (Ragdoll’d Medigun/Kritz)

And placed them In

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\accountname\garrysmod\garrysmod

And placed them In there respective folders, But I can’t seem to find out how to spawn them In the actual program.

Any help would be appreciated, I downloaded a few tools and got those to work fairly simply by putting them In the add on folder.

It’s only these that have me stumped

Thanks In advance.

do they have an info(or info.txt) inside of the folder? If it does then it goes inside addons. If it is just models and materials, then go to the models and look for the folder your model is saved in, then go to the browse tab and check all, then look for the folder name.

Both of them only came with the folders names, the demo one came with a picture and that was It.

I will try that thanks.