First Time Hammer?


I just bought HL2 and I want to start with Mapping, but I have a few problems.
In my Source SDK, I can select Engine 2006, 2007, 2009.
2006 got HL2 : DM, 2007 & 2009 got CS:S, Portal, and TF2.

How do I configuration it for Garry’s Mod?

And anyone know some beginner tutorials?

Maybe I should add that I tried to find on the GMOD Wiki, but it didn’t help.
Except,, I should pick CS:S, although some of my friends told me I should pick HL2. I tried starting HL2 and played it, but it’s not in the Games list anyway.

Best place to start.

Oh, thank you very much.

You don’t need to set up a gmod config to map for gmod. Just use css or ep2.

What about Half-Life 2?
Does it matter at all?

I wish you well my friend, hope you will get really nice into mapping :3:

Nope, none at all. It will only differ with which props you want to use. EP2 has all the models and textures from the previous games, and css has much cleaner textures and props. HL2, will only have hl2 models and textures.

I good tip is to start with the css config. I say this because a) the textures are free of the whole “gordon freeman was here and whacked the whole place with his crowbar” textures. b) css has got a nice “I’ve just started mapping” selection of props. And c) People usually learn mapping when making css maps.

Just make sure you progress from the css mapping stage in time.

I want to make Gmod maps, you said “people usually learn mapping when making css maps.”

Do you just mean with the CSS config?

Wear a condom.

Uh, seems like it makes the map for HL2…
I did “run map”, and it starts HL2?

That’s because it’s configured to run HL2, you need to make it run Gmod and export to the Gmod folder if you want it to run Gmod.

Best advice anyone can give you.

No. What I meant was that people usually learn the basics of mapping through trial and error while making simple ugly css dm maps for their friends and themselves to play on. Then they progress and build up a better understanding of the engine and mapping in general. I started out that way. I’m still a horrible mapper but I’ve at least evolved a bit.

Oh and when I said “people usually learn mapping when making css maps” I was very wrong, because people usually learn how not to map while making css maps.

If you want to make a gmod map as your first map, well, then I can only really wish you the best of luck. Gmod maps tend to be really big and open (if they are for sandbox mode) and that usually require a bit of know-how and experience with hammer to handle. I mean sure, anyone (No I know not anyone, since there are still 500 fullbright flatgrass’ out there) can make a flat map with environmental light. But when I create gmod maps I want to create something that has never been done before or improve some concept to the level where you can’t really see where it actually came from.

What I’m trying to say is this, setting out with the idea of that your first ever map should be a gmod map *can *be a bad idea. It isn’t in every case, but if you just take a look at this page
then tell me how many of those maps you’d like to play on.

I understand. But my first maps will only be played by me.

I’ll do a test now!

Edit :

Both the quality of the video and the map.
However, if I instead of selecting Half-Life 2, and I put CS:S, will I get CS:S props & textures?

That’s a really good idea. Something that most people who just started mapping fails to understand.

yes. And don’t quote me on this but I believe you get the hl2 content as well.

OP you may want to try watching a few things.


I had a look at that video. You should have a look at this page

and find some skybox that you like. Then you match the light_environment settings to the skybox. (The numbers listed below the skybox image.)

Right now the map looks very dark. But at least it seems you’ve gotten the basic ideas down.

I personally use HL2 for mapping. Also when you compile your map, it will tell you the location of your map .bsp file, or playable file. To play it in garrysmod, put the BSP into garrysmod/garrysmod/maps.

Alright, so the best thing to do is select CS:S when I start Source SDK?
And I will be able to spawn CS:S & HL2 Props / use textures?

Also, can I possibly do the whole list a little easiler with textures? I mean, it’s currently just a realllllly long list, takes a few minutes to scroll through it. If I, for example, want to find a road texture, how can I do this the easiest way?

Thanks for the help so far btw.