First time he shot a man

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yep i know that his jacket is creepy

something just doesn’t look right with that wrist, the rest is good though.

yep, that’s wrong too
i hope except his jacket and wrist everything else is good :3

If it’s the first time, why does he carry a gun on him?

That casing is massive. How would it even fit in that gun?

I would suggest using the counterstrike models for casings.

Are you serious? They’re just as fucked up.

The RnL ones are okay, although the only two calibres there that are still in common (non-hunting/milsurp collecting) use are 9mm Para and .45 ACP. I guess you could use .30-06 as a stand-in for 7.62x51 when needed though, as long as you chop about 12mm off the length.

Use those shells, they’re nice looking.

Holy shit, nice find

I just use the Killing Floor casings.

Nice pose BTW.

Well executed, i’d stretch the screen a bit more horizontally though, not the pixels themselves, but the moment when the pic was taken and simply cut off some more of the top & bottom parts

Good job

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What the fuck is wrong with you.