First Time Isolating

I tried the “green” thing, I dunno, if this is even isolation.

Love the smoke.

thanks sir.

Fine job, chap :wotwot:

By the green thing, do you mean green screen?

Nah, I “Pen Tooled” The fisherman and he was filled in green, I dunno. :v:

but thanks

Looks pretty isolated to me… if that was the goal well, gj!

Not to shabby

Thanks guys

Looks very nice. The lighting on the smoke is good (not bright white like a lot of idiots make it).

i gots q, people keep talking about the green screen, somebody elaborate to me what the “green screen” is.

Using a bright colour for the use of magic wand in isolation, rather than doing it all manually.

People often use a bright green background if they want to just paste a character onto a new background (the green can be quickly removed) or they make the character itself bright green in order to isolate it quickly.

The technique saves a shit load of time but, as with most things that save time, the quality of the isolation is often poor (unless a feathered selection is used and an empty background image, then it’s not too bad).

What he Said CK

Good smoke to me.

Thank you sir.

To add it’s also just a way to sharply contrast the character so that you don’t fuck up and isolate a piece of grass because you thought it was part of the uniform (guilty).

But my magic wand tool crashes photoshop so I never use it :eng99:

For once realistic barrel smoke. Good finger posing to.