First Time Mapping - Suggestions, Hints and Tips?

Well I don’t really post a lot on these forums, constantly looking at threads and mooching around having a look. I’m interested in developing for Garry’s Mod and have played around with Lua and gamemodes but wanted to make my own unique map for a gamemode I have in mind. This is the first time I’ve ever even touched a program like this and I would like to know what you guys think about what I’ve done so far. The building I’ve made is the start of a somewhat Whitehouse. I’d appreciate no hate but constructive criticism would be great. I’ve watched a few tutorials but if anybody could provide me with tutorials that would really help me out I’d also appreciate that.

Thanks in advance.

Worked some more on it:

Nodraw every new brush you make.
Start off with a box around your map until you’ve finished the outer walls.
Use the grid at all times.
Learn the shortcuts.

A lot of people viewing but not many actually replying, thank you for taking the time to reply. What do you mean by no draw? It sounds familiar but I think it’s slipped my mind what it actually is. I put the box in when I test the map in Garry’s Mod as I found out the hard way it’s like taking LSD when you look out of a window. Wouldn’t dream of trying to develop without the grid!

When inside textures, in the search field search for “Nodraw” it’s a yellow texture. Use it!

Thanks, what does that do?

It means the surface isn’t drawn. You can apply textures to specific faces of a brush so that you can see the floor and walls etc.
Around your map, make a box and apply the tools/skybox texture to them. Check out the Source SDK wiki if you’re coming up short on anything, but here’s a list of skybox textures;

. In map information (under…edit I think?), set that the skybox name and it won’t look like an acid trip when you look out the windows.

Thanks I’ll definitely do that. I’ve added a garage as an extension and I’m making the doors activated by button. The door moves like it should but the button also moves as well, even when it is set to 0 0 0 in configuration. How can I prevent the button moving?

As it name implies, any brush faces textured with this won’t be “draw”. That’s useful when used on the brushes’ faces that the player won’t be able to see. Cuts down compiling time, and helps with map optimization.

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Ahh I understand, thanks for replying. Does anybody know about my button situation?

under Flags, checkbox called “Don’t move”. tick it.

Watch some tutorials from 3kliksphilip or Tophatwaffle. I would recommend learning proper mapping technique as it will make you’re life a lot easier.

I’ve been watching tutorials from him, they’re great. Updated OP with latest pictures.

Tophattwaffle is the best. He has helped me I’m new at mapping also :slight_smile:


yeah could’ve figured that one out before 6 months of mapping thanks facepunch

hint/skip brushes are handy

biggest problem with first time mapping is Dimensions
because its essential to know the dimensions, or you will make crappy maps that textures won’t fit to anything

Thanks for all the replies guys, didn’t realize this many people would help me out I really appreciate it. What do you guys think of the building I’ve done so far? I’ve done a bit more work and will upload pictures soon.

Stunning, keep at it.

Pretty good for a starter!

Yeah your brushwork isn’t pants-on-head retarded so you got an A+ so far