First time model ripping, question on which tool to use!

Hey guys,

Long time user on facepunch, but first time to actually try ripping models from games myself.
I have some questions to ask and hope u guys can help me with it.

There is an shooter running on Unreal Engine 3 which I wish to get character and weapon models
from, the files themselves are packed in upk format.

From what I’ve seen while looking at the forum, it seems some games running on UE3 can be loaded
directly into UDK to extract the models? Is this true?

Some people suggests to use Umodel to extract the game files as it’s made specifically for the Unreal
engine. Would this be a good way to do it?

Or would it be better to use ripping tools like Ninja Ripper (which seems to be the most popular atm)
to rip the models directly from the game?

Because I’m totally new to these things, I was wondering which is the easiest way for a newbie to get
working models and textures from the game. What are the pros and cons of using each different method?
Or would there be an even better method to use instead?

Thanks and appreciate any help you guys can give. :slight_smile:

Umodel is designed specifically for Unreal Engine games.its the right choice if you ask me.

Thanks for the reply! I gave Umodel a shot, but encountered problems on it.
Can someone familiar with Umodel help me out?

When I’m trying to open the upk file to extract or view the models for the specified game,
I’m getting the “wrong tag in package” error. However when trying to do it on UT3, everything
works fine. Does this mean the game is not supported? Is there anyway to add compatibility
or are there other suitable tools to extract?

Also I forgot to mention it before, the weapon and clothing/equipments for the game is modular,
meaning it is like a RPG game such as Fallout where characters equip their armors and clothings,
and weapons can be equipped with extra attachments like silencers or scope.

So I was wondering, would it be possible for Umodel to extract the whole character model wearing
their cloths and equipments or the weapon models fully fitted with custom attachments?

see if this helps you.its from Guildor the creator of Umodel: