(First Time Modelling!) Request for assistance on my Black Ops 3 Exo.

First of all, I am running almost-completely blind with modelling guides. I don’t know how to do a .qc if my life depended on it. Which brings me to my subject. Currently, I am working on a Exo-Skeleton from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, which was dumped in a thread called “Black Ops 3 models?” or something. I have the model rigged, and I want it to work without a collision, so it would have the green ring around it, essentially. But my main point is, I don’t have the knowledge of how to get it to work, .qc wise. From what I can tell, I believe I need animations for it, like m_anm or something. Is this true?

Thanks for reading.

Anyone? I really need help with this as I’m trying to get a feel of how to do this with other things in Black Ops 3.