First-Time Sever owner questions

Hey guys. I am looking into purchasing a server for the first time. I have never owned a server and I want to try it out. Sorry in advance if these questions are kind of dumb. I’ve been trying to look up a lot of things about owning a server and managing it. But I have a few questions that I haven’t found an answer for:

  1. **Server control panel: **I am looking into getting an FPSPlayers server. I see that it comes with a server control panel. I have yet to see a screenshot of it. I have no idea exactly what’s in it, and I’d rather figure out what controls there are before purchasing the server. Does it show connected players\IP addresses\Ping etc?

  2. **DDOS Attacks: **I know you can buy servers with DDOS protection, but say I don’t want to spend a lot for DDOS protection. I’m sure there is a way to stop the DDOS by yourself. This leads to my question about the control panel… would I be able to block an IP from the control panel?

  3. **Wipes/Server updates: **How would I go about updating a server? For instance, I was on a server where the owner updated and it broke Oxide. Would I be forced to update and risk breaking Oxide, or could I just wait it out and see what happens?

Sorry again if these are dumb questions.

Rust server host companies are bad as heck
Just wait until some good one pops up

No question is a dumb one :wink:

Server Controls: Most all hosts are using the same one. It is Called TCADMIN 2. The company has a demo on the website and it is about what you can expect.

Here are some basic items you will see in Control Panel:

General Server Health - CPU/RAM/Bandwidth usage
Mod Controls : Usually one click installers for the common mods
Ability to start/stop/pause server
Access to .cfg files to make changes
Basically anything you need to do is on it for a server Admin.

I use and it seems to be going good. Here is some FAQ on the website:

DDOS Attacks: Nothing you can do about this. I would not bother paying extra for protection. I have not had any issues yet.

Server Wipes/Updates:

Game is in alpha so you just gotta roll with the punches. As the dev releases updates to the server it tends to break things in Oxide/rust++. Both Oxide and Rust++ release updates quick. People will bitch. Try to remind them it is still alpha and you have no control over it…

As far as waiting it out. Sure the Update is something I need to login and push to the server but I think everyones steam will update the client anyways and then they probably will not be able to connect.

Me personally I had about 1 hr. where my Rust++ was broken before I got it back online.

Thanks man. That actually helped a lot. I think this thread can be closed, unless other new server owners need to ask some stuff.