First Time Trying To Set Up Server PLEASE HELP

Please help…
I want to set up a server on windows 7 for free (no paid servers)
I want to know how I can setup a certain gamemode (not sandbox)
What do i have to get to make a mini game server (multiple games in one where people vote for the gamemode they want)
Or a deathrun server…
Where can I download this?
Please tell me all I need for this process. Any Youtube video that can guide me?
Please help… And where is the latest version of Assmod?
Thank You

Don’t. To run a server, you need a good PC, which you don’t use (you cant play games on it without messing everything up and it has to stay on 24/7).

Trust me, just get a paid one.

Where is the cheapest?
I have a good computer or ok depending on what is good
i3 4gb memory

Go there, they’re good, unless your planning to have a server with 40+ people online, which I assure you, no way in hell will happen.

Don’t buy more than 12 slots for your first server, you will have a hard time filling them and if the need arises -you can upgrade to more.

I want to try making a server and having fun with it before spending any money.
What do you suggest?
What cheapest server enables me to have a deathrun and/or minigame server and is not very basic?
I am very new to this

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Ok Thanks but…
there are too many one here… very confusing
which one is one for what i need
I want one where people can vote for a next map (might be an addon idk)
where can i get addons?

If you get a paid server, you’ll most likely get some sort of FTP server (File Transfer Protocol). You’ll need Filezilla or something like it to connect to the remote server. Filezilla lets you browse the other server almost like you browse your computer. From there, you’ll want to find your garrysmod\garrysmod\addons\ folder. Take any addons you may want, and install them there. You’ll need to restart your server to make the changes happen.

As far as actually OBTAINING addons, I recommend learning how to use svn. It’s the only way you’re going to be able to get wire. Wiremod has a tutorial on their site which is pretty good. Google “Garrysmod svn links” and you’ll get a wiki page with - you guessed it - a bunch of svn links. is another place where you can download addons. You won’t need to use svn, but you can’t get wire (at least not anything remotely recent) and some other addons which are extremely useful (I personally like Ulx and Ulib).

Oh, and an optional step you may want to look into is a FastDownload host.

If you’re not going to outright go for a paid host, look into hosting a source server on your computer. You could do maybe a 2-3 person server. I would recommend making it password protected, that way you and your friends could join.

If you can’t find the answer to a question you have, try googling it first. Most of the time, you can find your answer. If you can’t (nothing wrong with that) there is a help section here, and i’m sure that people will help you fix your problem.

Thank you
I got a server with UKGame now I need to to know a few things.
I have looked for addons that i need but none showed up.
I just want to know how to do a few things with this new server

  1. Get a mini game game mode up and running
  2. Have people pay for vip

Are you in the facepunch chat?

You’ll need the gamemode for minigames.
As for VIP, I don’t think you’re quite ready to set that up, as you don’t seem to know anything about lua.

I suggest, use a admin mod (ULX and ULib).
Those already have a nice group system setup, with a pretty friendly gui.
After that, learn some basic lua, and get to make if statements like so:
if (LocalPlayer():IsUserGroup(“vip”) then

:slight_smile: goodluck.


To make the addons showup, you have to restart the server.