First time using hammer (map)

Made a small map I’m actually proud of it might make a V2 later but here. Hoping to do some simple maps for S&box when it released or if I get a key :slight_smile: | LINK:


Pretty good for someone’s first time with hammer (including the Source 1 tools). If so, that’s a testament to how much more user friendly Hammer 2 is.

Way better than my first map in Garry’s Mod.

Okay, I was already wondering if I would try mapping on Source 2 since the first thread I saw when I joined the forum … you definitively make me want to try now

Maybe this would fit more in the Waywo thread, since it’s a work in progress and, not to be mean since this is your first map, it’s not really deserving of a whole thread for itself.

I think that could be an thread if s/he dedicates this thread for all her/his learning project

Saw this on the discord yesterday. Looks great