first time using wire, want to make a tank... help?

ok so far im just trying to make a wheel use the keyboard 'ive watched dozens of tutorials but none tell me WHAT THE FUCK DOES WHAT. just how to build useless shit. <- sorry.

Ive got the keyboard tool thing and i pulled up the pod and ive got a ‘wire’ wheel, i connect the keyboard to the pod but can’t connect the pod to the wheel wtf am i missing? wire didn’t come with any instructions.

why the hell not?


my pod is as follows for ‘a’=left’d’=right\w=forward\s=reverse


but how do i connect the ‘pod’ to a device like a wheel or thruster?

Wired wheel, Wire thruster.
Wire Advanced tool.

Wire wheel? How to I wire the wheel? So was I right in how I was doingg that???


ok so i got a, wire wheel, wire pod, and wired keyboard.

i wire the keyboard to the pod which has like 4 options of which i don’t understand ‘under advanced wire’. i pick the first one i think it is ‘lock’
then i adv wire the pod to the wheel under ‘go’ and i enter the keyboard and nothing happens…

anyone want to give me a hint? all i want to do is make 6 wheels use W for forward S for reverse but i want to know what im doing wrong instead of a hand out. the tutorials ive seen only tell you how to build things not what each piece does or how it could be used elseware. HOW THE HELL DO PEOPLE LEARN THIS STUFF WITH NO INSTRUCTIONS?

i haven’t figured out wheels yet but for anyone else wanting to make a vehicle.

use pod and your source of thrust IE, thruster? wheels?, and click wheels, thruster, then pod and set key binding. make certain to link your pod to your vehicle seat!!! right click pod, righ click seat.

im tired. going to bed, no help here but i hope this helps someone else, i spent 3 hrs asking in gmod online till someone helped me.