First Timer Host.

Hello there facepunch community. Im having problems with my server, kind of not problems but just basic stuff. I just bought a 40 player slot server from elpis host ok, well how do i access my server on garys mod? Like for instance when i open up garys mod where do i go to access my server to play on it.? Im new to hosting my own garys mod server. So if you can please help me that would be great.

Get the IP of the server from the Game Control Panel and then you can type connect ip:port into the console and it’ll connect you to the server. Or go to the legacy browser and click favourites then right click and add server by IP. (Enter IP into that box.) Or you can just find it in the normal server browser by clicking the gamemode the server is on and find it in there. (The search box in the top right can help identify your server.)