First to post gets free server!

I’m willing to provide a 6 slot server for free, with fastdl and a section on my forum for your server.

First to post gets it!.

Sample didn’t get it, next person to post does! :slight_smile:


PM me your steam contact details Sample :).


Ok, I have no idea why it doesn’t let me install steam on this mac, meh whatever, skip me :stuck_out_tongue:



Ok… next person that posts gets it then :slight_smile:

choose meh

Sure, PM me your steam details :slight_smile:

if for some reason he cant do it i call next in line

Added to steam :slight_smile:

i always miss these things

Dammit, really wanted this, haha! :smiley:


6 slots?

I need a testing server. :3:

What and how long for? :stuck_out_tongue: I could probably offer one for your testing.

Why did you do this while I was asleep? D:

Awww, I always miss these, I could realy do with a test server for my gamemode :frowning: