First Trip in Gmod Machinima.

Hi Everyone.
I’d like to introduce my first machinima, created in Garry’s Mod. I just want to see what do you think about it, receive some advice and other. Tell me what should I do to be better Gmodder or just I should left it behind. Enjoy!

Well while it’s good to know I’m not the only one who hates bacon…
I have to say; Dear God their bones…
the posing,
So horribly bad.

Thanks for replay.
I must try harder to get possing better, thanks for advice.

its ok

anti climactic ending, but it was alright till duke walked in.

I liked it. Very well done for your first one!

Thanks to Everyone for posting. I will really try to get better vids, with good ending etc.

Where’d you get the Duke model?

Here, at FP.