First Try at explosions + Bonus

Alot of editing when into this, I hope its not too crappy, But give me C&C preferably helpful tips on what to do and how to do it.

Note: I didn’t pose it.


Not bad I say.

Thanks… Need more feedback Please

explosion look good.

Come on people stop being so lazy and post something

explosion doesn’t really have an explosion color (color isn’t vivid/juicy enough) + it should be emitting the color outside just for artistic value but it’s still p good

It’s made out of cloud images

Cannot unsee

Explosion is good, but posing on soldier just looks a bit awkward.

I didn’t pose it i got it from the Edit my screenshot thread

Good explosion but, the soldier to the left of the explosion would be thrown from the explosion. I know you only edited it, you didn’t pose it. But overall very good :smug:

Looks a bit too real for the surrounding enviorment

Looks like it should be out on a larger scale viewed from outerspace looking on earth or something. Just doesn’t seem natural to me. The colors like orange and yellow should shine through more the clouds and just everything gives it a weird perspective

thank you all for the feedback

nice work. howed you do it?

this is a good tutorial for some tips and help

…but otherwise its pretty nice for a start

It doesn’t look like it’s on the same plane as everything else.