First try at making cliffs.

Okay, this is my first attempt at making cliffs via displacement, How is it for a first try?

Terrible, try looking up some tutorials on Halfw- :saddowns:

Thats where i got it from anyway. Also thanks for the criticism.

You should try the the pimpage thread.

I know it didn’t seem great but it seems you’ve used a scale 5 radius and plonked them outwards a little, use a larger radius brush to have a smoother effect and use the smooth tool to further get a smooth cliff-face.

I recommend 121 or 212, also, try splitting your brushes up into 512x* blocks, it gives you more room to detail and doesn’t make it look like ass.

Stay in the close company of Oskutin, for there is a chance that some of his displacementawesome will shed off on you.

Your cliffs look very unnatural, try a different approach and maybe you’ll end up with something like this:

Subdivide that shizzle.

Too jagged, cut it up into more square displacements. I usually work with 512/1024 sized blocks to get the basic shape and then select and displace all the outside faces. Then I pass over them twice with the paint geometry tool first doing up/down then forward/back with a medium radius (dependant on the size of the cliff face) and low distance (usually 1) then I touch up the blend between the top and side textures with blend alpha before finally throwing in some rock props if necessary.

What metallics said. You need to use squares or noise will be very stretched along the y axis.

Too blocky, use a bigger radius to make it look more natural. Better than my first cliffs at any rate.

(Better than some of my current cliffs at any rate.) :v:

I use 1024^2 or 512^2 displacements at power of 4.

I’m not a mapper or modeller but you could add smaller parts jutting out and try not to stretch the texture on the part of the cliff directly next to the grass.

This is funny because I tried my first go at cliffs yesterday in CSS… I think they turned out well “good for a first try”… but I think I got the grasp of it… Also try to subdiv like I did…

The high vertex density issue still crops up for me, I use 3 and are usually much more successful.

My Idea might not work ( I’ve never used mapping or modelling software .)

Epic triple post?