First Try At Posing

This was my first attempt at posing. Simple, not much going on. Feedback, opinions, etc are all welcome. :slight_smile:

The posing is good for your first time. Are you using the steam screen capture or something else? I can see your mouse cursor in the final images.

Dang, I didn’t even notice that. I was just screenshotting the original takes from the online library on steam and didn’t move my mouse :mindblown:

If you right click on Garry’s Mod and select screenshots there should be an option to view it on the hard disk and from there you can find the screenshot and upload it. I don’t use the steam screen capture that much, I usually use an recording software like fraps which saves the screens in a folder.

Yeah, I was just trying to post those real quick because I figured it’d be the easiest. My fault.