First try at ragdoll posing.

I’ve decided to try at making ragdoll poses.

A different angle

I know it’s not great but it is my first attempt.
Do tell me what you think and ways i could go about doing better.

I did try and make it seem like Barney was still puking (in picture one it just ended) but the camera appeared as a pistol and it stopped with the puke effect as soon as i fixed it. Also the faceposer wasn’t working right, it would go to a face and wouldn’t be changed, like no ring around the head at all.

Needs a lot of work and turn up your graphics before taking pics.

Improve posing, Barny looks like he’s trying to do a pushup.
turn up graphics, set jpeg quality to 100.
Use the fancy post-processing menu and Use the zoom function on the camera.

Look at the other poses here to get an idea of how you can make it better.

Wait, what map is this?