First Version of Gmod?

Hey everyone, Does anyone know what the first version of gmod was, or was called? Thanks for the help (:

It was just garrysmod, and you’re not going to find it anywhere. Just buy the game, it’s only $10.

Besides, the REAL fun of garrysmod is the content users make for it (Addons, gamemodes, ect) . Those won’t work on any old versions, it’s gotta be retail.


Also multiplayer.

gmod 1 was basically “play HL2 maps, rope stuff together”.

It was a ripoff of JBmod, which remains superior to this day if you ask a number of diehard fans…

And the official JBMod website doesn’t even have a download…

Were you on the right website?

The JB people try to hard.

As far as I could remember, the first Garry’s Mod just had a pistol where Mouse1 roped things together and Mouse2 fired Manhacks.

Is this a really bad version of gmod? In case, I really want to try it!!

Yes, definitely superior to GMod.

Top right. Quality game that doesn’t even open.

This picture makes me angry.

It’s on their own website. They say all you can do is get “failed to load” errors and make sexposes with Alyx and cops / kleiner in JBMod.


Are they like trying to show how shitty it is?


Can you not tell its damn satire? They know the lost the fight back when GMod launched. So instead they are making a joke about how their mod hasn’t progressed sine and all you can do is make sex poses.

I would love to have the original gmod. Dont see that happening though.

Those are all opinions.

lol 20 dollars


JBMod has an annoying as fuck physgun
and no mod support either.


And the developers are probably perverted 12 year old script kiddies since they think everyone loves posing shitty positions of sexual contact.

they also seem to dispise gmod

I have every version of Garry’s Mod. Maybe I’ll upload them somewhere…sometime.