First week of Infection: Citizen died by the "Hunter" Infected

And give me CONSTRUCTIVE critism for once!
THis is my 3rd pic btw.

Its nice but you could work on your posing but keep it up.

1:no bloom…pictures with bloom,especially daylight pictures,sucks
2:looks boring
can’t comment on the posing since i can’t see much…cept for the hunter which is posed decently…

Well, i’ve a few pointers here. First off, the setting should fit the concept. This pose shouldn’t really take place in such a brightly-lit place, it’s not fitting at all. It’d be more fitting in a darker place, like Ravenholm. Secondly, it should probably be a bit more dramatic/suspenseful. Perhaps if the Hunter was leaping towards him from behind, and not climbing up the building, it’d have a bit more energy, whereas if it was secluded in the shadows, ready to pounce, it’d add more suspense.

That’s all I gotta say: use appropriate setting for the concept, and give it more of a dramatic/suspenseful edge.

That citizen guy looks like as if he’s falling with his hands tied up behind his back. The Hunter seems to be very well posed, but on the other hand looks like he’s climbing with his feet. And avoid using bloom.

Also, if you want to use gm_bigcity that badly, try doing the pose in a shady part of the city. Even L4D2 did this by not making the places too bright.

All you did was flop some limbs about.

isn’t that all posing really is?

No, the Hunter’s posing looks great. It’s just that he’s climbing with his feet and the guy seems to be leaning on his back.

The setting i used was because the “First Week”. So the world wasn’t that dark yet.

I wanted to make the picture darker in,but i only really screwed up. Thanks for the help on the posing,but what do you mean with “bloom”?

You should spend more time than spawning a citizen model with low graphics and freezing his chest/head

Posing and faceposing are very bad. Bloom is not good.

Not to be rude but please regard your own advice aswell :v:

Also is it me or does the citizens shirt look like a poor photoshop attempt

But anyway go on Google Images and look at how people climb/stand/jump/run/walk/idle

Should help you a lot

Also read some Gimp/Paint/Photoshop tutorials for effects and other things, that should get you some mighty fine pictures