Firstperson screenshots tutorial?

Can some one make A tutorial on how to make good first-person screenshots?

You don’t really need a tutorial for it. Go play lots of fps games, take screenshots. study the HUD.

The best way I found was paying attention to how things look from your own perspective. Try looking at things through sunglasses frames (or glasses, if you wear them!) Pay attention to what you can & can’t see from the inside of the frame. Then, when you’re in Gmod, us the Inflator Tool to deflate your models head, and put a camera in its place, but make sure that the perspective is accurate! Good luck, hope to see some cool First Person Artwork soon!

No tut needed really. I made a few a while ago (not posted on here) and it’s basically lining up a camera or what ever with the head of the model being used and trying to fit as much detail into the shot. Have hands and arms aggressively placed around the shot to add interactivity and draw the eye and Make sure the action is mostly in the center.

As I said in your other thread

It’s going to be difficult with GMOD because in order to get the proper 1st person perspective you’re going to have a lot of parts of your ragdoll in the way unless you have it completely contorted.

I think you can use v_models for your FPS poses.

That’s the sucker way of doing it.

Seriously it’s not very hard, use 2 ragdolls. Place 1 ragdoll sideays with his arm extended, thus allowed you lots of room for arm posing and camera placement. Use another ragdoll for the other hand. I have never used this method as I just thought of it, but it sounds as if thought it could work.

Or use one ragdoll. Yes, it’s hard to do it, but if you move the torso towards the weapon you’re supposed to be holding, the left arm is more flexible and may reach the weapon. Hard, but not impossible.


It’s unrealistic to always have hands infront of your face, keep that in mind.

That’s how you’re supposed to do a weapon pose to begin with. The support hands (IE opposite of trigger hand) side is always in front, so the right side of the torso should always be rotated almost 90 degrees back (starting from a neutral pose). If it’s difficult for the left hand to reach the weapon then the pose is most likely incorrect or the ragdoll is very inflexible (which I’ve never encountered). And just in case, the torso should also be slouched forward a bit.