[Firstperson]Sniper about to kukri spy to death

:siren:Might be quite bright:siren:


Comment and criticism is welcome!

Looks very good, but the shadow is done very bad. Hehe. it should be gradient like darkest on top and getting less shadowy downwards. and this is a big blob of shadow on his fronthead. Should’ve polygonal selected the part.

But still looks good.

Look fantastic!

This looks like a post from Valve! Good job!

Resembles meet the sniper :stuck_out_tongue:


it’s all good but i don’t like the shadow covering the sniper’s upper face.

Awesome man, top grade stuff

Sniper’s fucked, lol

“Say goodbye to ya head-” BANG

awsome nice job

How come it’s so blocky looking? Your picture looks great it’s just the models and stuff for TF2 are blockish compared to HL2. How come I can’t run TF2 better than HL2? And Gmod also runs better than TF2, I get a revenge or domination kill and it starts freezing up on me.

Really really nice.

Uh, models in hl2 are realistic, whereas TF2 ones are more cartoonish. For your problem, I think it’s because TF2 needs better computers to run.

That’s an eerie pose.

The spy is too close to the sniper.
Also, the eye shadows are too anime-styled.