Fish in Hammer?

Is there an entity or something to put fish in maps?
I know there is func_fish_pool but for some reason they say error and I have allot of games.
If GMTower uses that then I don’t understand why I can see the fish tank in the main lobby.

So does any one know?

They are in CS:S or DOD I can’t remember which ill post a link in a minute…

they are in counterstrike if I’m not mistaken

Weird I have Counter-Strike Source…

Found the problem : I am using HL2:DM for hammer I should be using CS:S that still doesn’t explain why they are Errors though…

I will edit the post if I find out.

Open your CS:S .gcf, drag the models and the materials folder into your hl2 directory. Sorted.

WTF, there are no models in my Counter-Strike Folder?

Open it up in GCF scape. Sorted.

Okay, I think I fixed the problem any way but thanks.

he SAID gcf not folder

Yes GMT uses that. And you have to set the model they are…

Damnit adam, you are tearing me apart!