Fish pls?

Will there be fishing in Rust? pls

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I guess not as the aim of the game is to be an radioactive wasteland and if so I dont think there’ll be fish in the water.

I’d prefer to see animals in game which you can hunt for meat/fur

If that’s the case then why are there so many god damn animals with seemingly no mutations.

Since when did I state a post saying anything about animals? I’m talking about fish. Heh.

Yea But they should be mutated

Yep I agree, but not a sheep with 8 eyes or along those lines.

I wouldn’t mind fish, or the use of the water in general but I think if it’s better they focus on the mainland. It might be a feature added later since it really doesn’t affect gameplay to much.

WHY not look at - ( real life Pripyat video just an exp… )

dont know if its eat-able but where is fish in all the waters near ( Chernobyl )

Yep, there would be fish near to Chernobyl. But any fish in 10km area would be so exposed to radiation it wouldn’t survive and it will die out.

hmmm this video take is taken 800 m from the watergate gate of Chernobyl witch is around 350m from south wall of the “dead area” ( 800 + 350 meters = 1150 m from the dead zone ) so i dont see the 10 km statement working in real-life XD )

also if you see the documentary of life near Chernobyl - you meet people living in sector 2 - 3 who lives by hunting animals and fishing in the rivers. so - i would say you could find food in fishing ( but yes in the long term it will decrees you health and get you som strange illnesses i think :S ) ------- sorry for my bad english

Ever heard of fish moving up or down stream?

yes. but still you just answered on the question - yes fish move op and down the streams :stuck_out_tongue: - so thx frankie

i can tell that at the plant they got an professor who “tagged” 5 of the big fish in 2000(year) and then in 2005(YEAR) he stated 3 of “tagged” fish was seen many times near the spot they got “tagged” in 2000
( 2 of them is gone. not found dead or anything )

want morer info - join the forum of “Chernobyl visitors” -> its an Croatia(country name) forum :smiley:

was it easyer now ? - just asking

If fish then i think there should be some inland little lakes/ponds. Besides it would be cool to build houses around them.

I understand you dont speak english but I have no idea what you just said.

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Slightly better but I’m not expecting much from a guy from Denmark.


Slightly better but I’m not expecting much from a guy from Denmark.

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