fish can swim and working:)

I would really recommend you put a download link on your addons if you’re going to post them here- otherwise, there’s not much point as this is the Gamemodes & Addons Releases section. For such simple addons like these, they don’t really warrant price tags.

that reminds me of CoD:Ghosts :wink:
Nice fishes :v:

The fish are pretty and it’s a unique idea, but this is the Gamemode & Addon Releases section. This is for releasing things. Not for you to make personal advertisements for people to purchase your fishies. I seriously doubt people would pay $4 for fish. Besides, why not just do this on coderhire? It seems you just want to get more people to buy it by posting it here. I don’t really see a serious purpose for this that would actually justify paying. They’re just background fish for the water to look more “interesting”. Think about the times that people actually “play” in the water. I think it would benefit you more to just release it. I don’t know if people would even use them anyways. Actually I think you just created an account to spam your “addons” to get more potential suckers, I mean buyers.

“…And that’s just bein’ real wit you” - Black Guy

They’re not letting him, since he’s received negative rep for scamming Karma :v:

He’s selling it on this:

Reminds me alot of this…

I wish you would stop selling your 5 minute scripts.

This is an alt of GabGame7, someone known for copying Lua and calling his own. Look at his past posts here.