Fisher Disarmed an Agent and Punched His Face

Not really my best as my other one but is okay.

Constructive Criticism are welcome.

Have a nose bleed?

Here’s a tissue

For some reason that looks painful.

Not for the agent but for fisher.

Think of it, Punching hard metal infared goggles.


But seriously, great picture Crzy. have an art.

Some of the motion blur looks awful. Specifically on that rifle.

Rifle ? I can only see a rocket launcher.

Yeah I think that’s an M134 minigun dude get your facts straight.

Looks more like a sawed off shotgun.

The fact that only his fist is blurred is bothering me along with the un-needed blur on the pistol. Otherwise, it’s okay.

Oh that’s a pistol. It was confusing since it was so close to the camera. Plus the blurring on it is awful.

Fisher seems happy when he breaks people’s noses.

Yeah, I still need to practice some blurs but thanks anyway.

That’s one blurry fist.

Can’t stay serious with that face.

The posing looks pretty good.

Did fisher jizz? jesus his face…

Where’d you get the models?

Edit: Found it. Could have knew dean did it.

Posing on fisher is a bit off, his chest could be straightened and his right arm is a bit twisted

Looks pretty good.