Fisherman from HL2: Lost Coast

I was hoping someone could make a player model of the fisherman from Half-Life 2: Lost Coast for me.

(This guy)

I looked around for one, but all I could find is a ragdoll (
and Shotgunguy’s player model pack had one, but it looked way too glitchy. (
(Exhibit A:)

I was hoping to use it for a RP server, so I wanted it to look as nice as possible. I would be happy to toss a couple bucks via Paypal to whoever does it, and makes it look good.

By the way, I hope this isn’t considered ‘‘requesting content from retail Source games.’’ Given that a ragdoll or playermodel or the fisherman doesn’t exist in Gmod regardless of whether or not you own the game. (Which I do)

I tried to reply to your private message but you disabled the option to recive private messages.

The model of the fisherman that you linked to is the same one I used for my playermodel
It’s just bad rigging.

Oh, I feel dumb now. I don’t know how it got turned off but I just re-enabled it. Anyways, unless you are going to take a shot at reworking it, I guess I’m still looking for someone to model it.

Just use the rigged model that’s included in Lost Coast.

There isn’t one. The lost coast model doesn’t have an phymodel, so it doesn’t work.

You give it a citizen’s phy file before you export it and you get the skeleton jesus christ Omo I thought you knew this

I know, but I couldn’t be bothered to say all that.

I don’t know anything about modeling, but that sounds simple. Could any of you guys give it a try?