Fishing and Antidote

Hello forum, i am play Rust and I have a question. In dev blog number 33 add animation fishing, and in game not implemented. In game little animals, and many how to alternative for the production of food. And one could make different kinds of fish, so useful and poisonous. Poisonous could be used in combat, the application of poison into spears. Spear tipped with poison do more damage than stone, but slowly killing his victim. If the player does not make the antidote soon, he will die. To make the player must make an antidote for example to collect certain herbs 10, 3 flower and 5 mushrooms and mix them, and then will appear in bag 1 vial with an antidote. Thanks. GL and HF.

a lot of stuff on the devblog is WIP until they actually say that it is implemented. in this case, the fishing rod is still awaiting implementation. as for food sources, focus on forest areas for animals, or beaches for sleepers and get meat that way.

Thanks for the answer. Many players kill for fun , not to bring food into the house.