Fishing and boats

Fishing and boats:

Fishing traps should be a thing it would allow players to place traps on lakes and gather fish as raw fish damaged boots and rare items.

Small Boats would allow players to fish for sharks turtles as well as kill whales for a big chunk of animal fat.

Turtles would make great body shields and helments.
Sharks tooth for spiked fists and spears and arrows.
Whales bones animal fat rare items.

Small boats should be upgradeable with shields to avoid sniper fire.

This would call the need to add fish into rivers, lakes and the ocean I can see sharks in the ocean as a sea version of bears which would make swimming in the sea a hazard as you can’t really fight in the water. Whales might be a challenge or maybe once in a while one washes up to shore beached.
Also fishing poles, arrows or fishing spears with a line on the end costing a wooden spear and 50 cloth. once thrown it sticks to the fish and right clicking again pulls the spear back up.

Adding fish and sharks, and thus, fishing makes sense.

The boats don’t make as much sense. The map simply isn’t big enough to add boats, particularly powered boats. Unpowered boats would be sitting ducks for the chopper or snipers, so they wouldn’t be used.

Similar to cars though. It might add the floating foundation that would enable a deep water base with it’s own strengths and weaknesses. As well some maps may only have small patches of land a large oceans or several islands. With Shark infested waters.

Boats are on the Dev list

Yea I cant wait to see a fish swimming up the Cliffside like the fucking bears.
How about they fix the AI IN the npcs be for adding fish…

But boats are more realistic

Land sharks

Well, fish would certainly solve that food problem players have for the first 3 minutes after starting on a new server.

Boats, on the other hand, would solve two separate problems:

  1. not enough people staying relatively stationary as a target for scope sniping
  2. not enough groups forced to assign “boat guards” whenever they travel somewhere, rather than have something stolen that took more time and resources to make than they expect to get on their sailing trip


Facepunch forums, where sarcasm goes to die.

yeah we need fishing asap im starving…

I would love too see some Reign of kings implemented into rust, like torture :smiley:

But yeah fishing and boats would be epic, lots of water on the map it could work pretty well i think