Simple. Fishing is easier than sprinting at a deer with a rock.
Add a fishing rod that you can use near water, it will get you easy food you can cook and eat to replenish some food… Hunger… Thing.
Also add a chance to catch way bigger fish and stuff.

good idea,but no random big fish,its not animal crossing.

also you cant chase and kill a deer with a rock,but pigs you can

That would be cool but then there would need to be lakes and rivers on the map.


You can easily kill deer with a rock.Takes some time,but its easily doable.

micro what is there to disagree? animal crossing fish?

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with stealth…put on your glasses and read please,i said chasing and killing it

Would be all about this. Rivers would be pretty rad too.

Fishing sounds like a pretty enjoyable way of obtaining food.

Sub-suggestion for the fishing idea: Make it so that the game has a length of the fish caught in the icon so people can brag about who caught the biggest.