Fist Full of Frags Weapon Models

This is a complete model weapon pack from the game ‘Fist Full of Frags’ that you can get for free on the mod site from Steam. All rights reserve to the original creators of the models, I only bodygrouped and ported the weapons to Garrysmod.

Models: Fistful of Frags Development Team.

Bodygroups: The Devils Own

List of Weapons involved:
Smiths Carbine
Henry Rifle
Double Barrel Shotgun
Colt Navy
Volcanic Pistol
Schofield Pistol
Sharps Rifle
Pump-Action Shotgun
Sawn-Off Double Barrel

Let me know what you guys think and if this is all good, I’ll respond with the best I can and I’ll leave you all two links. Thanks for your reading and time.

Workshop Link:
Mega Link:!eFdAlKjY!ZXBiJjhFIJdW4FtIyun9PtFKx4E08CZcAeoYUQsLJxU

More photos on the Workshop.