Fist of the north star Models and ragdolls

Im sorry if this is a large first post but i wanted to show some of the characters to those of you who have never heard of the series or played the game.

I would like to request the fist of the north star models (from the game fist of the north star kens rage- that’s a mouthful) be ported as ragdolls to gmod as well as there alternate (original comic) outfits.
I haven’t seen any requests on these yet and im a bit surprised.

I have some pictures, here partake.

Kenshiro and alt

Mamiya (an that fine ass) Alt outfit—>**


Shin (and his original outfit)**





Yuria (while not playable, she does appear in cutscenes so im not sure if there is an available model somewhere)**

There is alot more characters like the grunts, commanders, Raohs horse, etc, but i didn’t want to blow up the thread too bad (i would still like the models though). If anything i would like the chicks to be top priority.

I approve of this, would anyone please do this? Also I want a Hokuto Shinken weapon addon, that would be very nice. A gamemode would be awesome too.

I want them all…
Full support from me, men :smiley:

Someone ported Ken to L4D 2… odd place to port him, but here’s a link.

Hmm interesting. Something may be able to be done with this then after all.