Fistful of Frags playermodels/headhack

I’m in need of assistance here. For a gamemode project set in the American West I need some decent quality player-models.
I decided that the Fistful of Frags models were perfect but there are a couple of problems with them:

1.They seem to be rigged to a different skeleton to the one Gmod uses.

  1. Only two of them are decent enough to use and that isn’t much variety when there could be 10+ players meeting each-other regularly.

So, I’ve included the models and textures in this zip file:

Could you please do two things with them:

  1. Rig them to whatever player skeleton Gmod uses.

  2. Headhacks with the male citizen heads.

Thank you. I would be very grateful for any help you can give.

Sorry, It can’t be done.
The devs at FoF said we can’t.

To be honest, I don’t really give a fuck about their shit.

Ouch, that’s kind of a blow. In that case I’d better scrap together some references and turn this into a skinning request or something.

Lock please if anybody gets the chance. Going to start a thread with a more relevant title.