Fistful of Frags SWEPs

Hello. I’ve turned the Fistful of Frags weapons into SWEPs for GMod. Since my creativity is shit I’ll just cut to the chase and describe the addon. This is the first time that I have dared to release an addon on Facepunch.

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Download from MediaFire here.

Update 1.

Update 1 - changelog

  • I noticed that some weapons had badly positioned iron sights so I corrected this.
  • Weapons are more accurate.
  • Knife and axe no longer disapear when thrown at an enemy. Instead, they’ll just bounce of the enemy, kill him/her/it, and land on the floor.

How to use

E + Right click -> changes firemodes.
E + Primary fire -> “holsters” the weapon, like all other Mad Cow’s Weapons.
(For melee weapons)Right click throws the weapon.
(For fists)Right click does a heavy punch and left click does a light punch.
R -> reload.
Right click -> iron sights/scope where available.
Left click -> shoots the weapon.

Don’t forget to spawn ammo from the Entities tab. The ammo is located under “Ammo for FoF Weapons”.

How to instal

Extract .rar file and place “SwedishSpy’s FoF weapons” in your Garry’s Mod addons folder. Done.

How to instal updates

Extract the .rar file and place “SwedishSpy’s FoF weapons” in your Garry’s Mod addons folder and let it overwrite everything.


Since this addon is built on top of the Mad Cow weapons base, it will have all features that come with Mad Cows base. Some of the features are:

  • Idle animations for most weapons.
  • Proper reload animations for all weapons.
  • Working weapon sounds from Fistful of Frags
  • The ability to shoot the revolvers in “fast mode”, like in Fistful of Frags.
  • All Fistful of Frags weapons included (from Fistful of Frags 3.9).
  • Custom ammotypes.
  • Melee weapons are throwable.
  • Spwan icons and weapon select icons from Fistful of Frags (will be changed upon request).
  • All weapons have their real life name and ammotypes that they use in real life.
  • No crosshairs, so you have to use iron sights.
  • Working world models.

List of weapons & weapon-specific features


  • Axe.
  • Knife.
  • Fists.

The axe and knife are throwable by clicking RMB. They have working throwing animations and throw sounds. Just remember to pick up the weapon once you throw it away.

Fists have a “hard punch” and “soft punch” and as you might’ve already guessed, the hard punch does more damage than the soft punch. Right click does a hard punch (slower rate of fire) and left click does a soft punch (faster rate of fire).

Revolvers & other small guns

  • Colt Navy (called “1851 Colt Navy Revolver” in the mod).
  • Colt Peacemaker (called “Colt Singel Action Army” in the mod).
  • Schofield revolver (called “Smith & Wesson Model 3 Schofield” in the mod).
  • Colt Walker.
  • Deringer (called “Remington Model 95 derringer” in the mod).
  • Mare’s Leg (called “Sawn of Winchester Model 1892” in the mod).
  • Sawn of shotgun.

All weapons except the sawn of shotgun, Colt Walker and Deringer have a “fast shooting mode”, which basically allows you to do fanning (= a revolver shooting technique in which one hand holds the trigger and the other hits the hammer repeatedly). It uses proper shooting animations and you are not able to use iron sights while in fast shooting mode. You do not get increased recoil or spread when using fast shooting mode.

Mare’s Leg version of fast shooting mode consists of shouldering the weapon, which reduces the recoil but you may not use iron sights with this gun’s fast mode as well. The idle animation will also change when you switch to fast mode (the gun will be held with two hands in fast mode).

The Sawn of shotgun has a single barrel and double barrel mode but you must have two shells loaded in the gun in order to utilize double barrel mode.

The Colt Walker has no fast shooting mode since it is a massive revolver, and it does not have any fast shooting animations.


  • Pump shotgun (called “Winchester Model 1897” in the mod).
  • Coach gun.

The coach gun has a single barrel and double barrel mode and has the same criteria of usage as the sawn of shotgun.


  • Henry rifle.
  • Smith carbine.
  • Scoped Sharps rifle.
  • Sharps rifle without scope.

There is honestly nothing special with these rifles. They don’t have firemodes and such. They’re just rifles.

Other weapons

  • Bow.
  • Dynamite.

The dynamite works similarly to the Mad Cow grenades. You use LMB to throw the dynamite and you cannot hold it in your hand like Mad Cow grenades since you light the dynamite when pressing primary fire. This means that the dynamite will be thrown, even if you’re holding LMB.

The bow is built on the crossbow script from Mad Cow’s Weapons so it works similarly to it, except it has no scope nor iron sights. Because of this, it has a regular crosshair.

Bugs with the models

I have no idea how to fix these problems, sorry.

  • The scoped Sharps rifle has a purple and black texture on its lens (the model has it, the scripted scope works properly).
  • When you reload the Sawn of shotgun, you will notice that it has no shells in its barrels.

Bugs with the script

  • When you reload the Coach gun, you’ll notice that the SWEP plays the pump sound from the regular HL2 shotgun. I have checked the coach gun code several times but not seen what might cause this problem.


Since I forgot to put a text file with credits in the addon, I’ll just add a credits list in this thread, to avoid re-uploading everything.


  • Everything related to the Mad Cow’s Base.

Fistful of Frags team

  • For everything related to models, sounds and textures.


  • For creating SWEP scripts, autorun file for sounds.


  • For creating a video tutorial on how to create the autorun lua file for the sound effects.


  • The w_fists_t.mdl file from the Mad Cow’s Weapons pack (I am not sure if Worshipper made this or not so I’ll put it under unknown authors for now).

Did I forget to mention you or someone else in the credits?

Please tell me and the person requiring credits will be added to the list.

Have you found problems with my SWEP pack?

Then do not hesitate to post the problem here and I’ll attend to it as soon as possible. Please do include some sort of illustration of the problem, such as a screenshot or video, alongside a description of it.

Download link again so you do not have to scroll all the way up.

Update 1 again so you do not have to scroll up.

Lastly, please enjoy this pack and have a good day.

To be honest, the idea is briliant just the base is a bit old.
It would be worth a try “converting” from Mad Cow’s to Spy’s CSTM base, but that’s my opinion.
So either way you did a good job on them (except for the base).

My Customizable Weaponry base is an absolute performance hogging shit to be honest.

OP, you’re better off making your own base, mad cow’s is a shit base too.
Maybe I should make my own CS:S weapons one day and release them on workshop or something.

I would gladly make my own weapons base but that exceeds the little knowledge of lua that I have.

The CW base is old too.

It is indeed a bit old, but not that old. It still has some quality in it.

Are you going to continue updating this addon? I would love to see the volcanic pistol, thats all its really missing plus a few updated models from the stand alone version. Other than that it still works fine.

I kind of stopped working on these a long while ago. I simply lost motivation to continue working on these. Sorry… I’m pretty sure one of the well-known SWEP creators on Facepunch can do this a lot better than me.

Since the thread was bumped, I can mention that anyone is allowed to edit the SWEPs but add a link to this thread or something if you decide to upload your version on the Internet.

I see, very well then. I still enjoy these sweps as is though like i said before. Hope someone can contribute to this more. Since i think these deserve more attention considering their the best FoF sweps Ive seen for garry’s mod, compared to the other 2 submissions on the workshop.