Current Version: 1.1

These are just simple fists, they’re pretty useful for movies and you can toggle them:
either by your side (passive)
or ready to attack (aggressive).

  • Changelog -

Version 1.1:
Added an invisible world model so there won’t be any hands sticking out of your legs anymore.

LUA - L337N008
Model - Shiban
Animations - Valve

Counter-Strike Source.

It’s in addon format, so install to addons folder.
YouTube Video:

Heh, in the City we used to wrestle hunters down with our bare hands!

Its cool, but it looks like you just removed the knife from a CS:S wep.

Maybe the video quality just sucks and I can’t see the detail well enough :frowning:

Wow, you used the crowbar animation… Why don’t you use the real fist third-person animations?

Does Garry’s Mod even have those?


& very nice. these are cool.

lol now i can defend myself without a weapon
and make it with the smod kick so you can both kick and punch :dance:

Then give me the names of those animations?


Update released, link:

wow your fast with updates :slight_smile:
how about my request.

Sorry but, making it compatible with SMOD Kick would require for 2 models to mix into 1, and using 2 view models separate in 1 SWEP isn’t possible (I think).

Great weapon !
Hopefully we will be using it in game soon… :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly then Synergy has (or at least had before the orange box update) third person punching animations.

L337NOO8, is there a way to make the decal show where the punch is landed? Like the Smod kick, this doesn’t go to the middle of the cross hair and there is still a decal placed there which really bugs me because the hands never went there.

It is a small thing which doesn’t really matter but it would be really nice if it actually hit where the hands are.

I suggest you to make RP Fists. With less power because in real life you cannot kill a person with one punch in the face. This would be great for Role play if it had less power.

Actually you can. You can hit them so hard that their brain smacks around in their skull. You can also give people heart attacks if you hit their chest area near the heart hard. The rob cage hitting against the heart can make it go batshit.


But hey, the science channel might be wrong.

Really? I saw a video in which a guy hit some guy’s face with his elbow and he got unconscious, so I think it’s possible to kill a guy with 1 hit.

These fists are hot. I was wondering if I could use these on the ShhRP servers? :3:

Sure, why not.

Try use the Synergy fist.

Thanks. I only need the model but even that is great. :4chan:

Good idea! I think that it would go great with GMSTRANDED and DarkRp. You could add it to the 1 column of weapons so that way even citizens or people just joining will be able to defend themselves.