Fitting Brushes?

There’s probably a really simple solution to this, I bet.

But I need some help with this little project I’m working on, I made a pool, but I don’t know how to make the deck that goes around it.

Here’s the map,

And here’s what I need.

Media tag’d for size.

Also upon looking at the actual pool, it’s more polygon-y than I remember, lol.

But yeah, if someone could enlighten me on how to do that that’d be great.

Clipping and vertex manipulation. Start with a block that surrounds the pool, clip it up, and then manipulate it to fit.

How do I get it to surround the pool? Or, do you mean just go through it? :B

Yeah, just make the brush over the pool then eventually remove the pieces you don’t need.

i would make each peice seperately. and vertex manipulate each into place. lengthy, but looks good.