Five Call of Duty 4 themed pictures.

I started playing cod4 again and I got inspired, also I forgot about my previous thread that’s why I didn’t reply and I didn’t want to bump it. =]

why’s that fixed wing aircraft flying so low to the ground? it’s not built to attack ground targets.

nice! and by coincidence i’m working on a CoD picture :stuck_out_tongue:

Love the lighting in the third one!

I was expecting shit, but these are really nice.

Too bad they’re not wallpaper resolution.

They’re great, but in the third one that guy needs a (visible) bullet wound. Right now he seems to be napping.
Otherwise these are terrific

I’m not sure, I placed it there to try some shadow effects but it didn’t work the way I planned and then I guess I forgot to move it.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I’ll try to remember that next time. =P

Well… Thank you. I like to “cut” my images, for some reason I think it looks better.

It’s a Harrier, they can hover to provide air support.

Oh, cool… Thanks for the save. =)

Nice. I haven’t seen your work in awhile, Super.

Maybe because it’s an AV-8B Harrier II, capable for V/STOL and small bombing runs ?
Had that ever occured to your mind ? :rolleyes:
(Just saw, Vman was quicker damn-it :rant: )

As far as those pictures go:
Nicely done both in posing and post-edits. :cawg:
But nevertheless, it’s still generic and based around CoD-4 which makes 'em to be typical Fanboy-/Nerd-/Facepunch-art and looses some points in my oppinion.

How do you get your dynamic shadows to look so good

I’ve been busy. =)

I agree on the generic part but why does it matter if it’s based on cod4 or not? I spent pretty much time on porting the models and hacking them so I think I should be able to use them.

I edit them a little in photoshop, they don’t look that good ingame. =/

Is that multiplayer models I see???
epic pictures especially the 3rd I love the lighting.
I love cod4 so much I’m porting custom skins
ask if you want
/attention whore

oops did you forget to mention that it’s flying too close and has no offensive capability for ground targets at that range save for machineguns

Maybe it just took off? Maybe the airstrip isn’t to far away.

Good pics. Should make one of a bunch of SAS killing eachother to capture the HQ just like in the real game.

Fuck that, real men use rocks if they’re that close.

Looks awesome man, glad to see you’ve ducked your head back into FP for a bit.

These look VERY nice! Reminds me of pMnky’s work!

Nice work. Always like your editing.

Jesus the Ghillie pic looks gorgeous. And they all look so cinematic.